25 March 2022

Dear students,

At UNSW Global, we know that preparing you for university, and beyond, not only involves academic preparation, but involves supporting you in all areas of student life, whilst you are studying with us, and later at UNSW.

Australian universities graduate thousands of students every year whose understanding, expectations and actions will shape behaviour in broader communities. As students today, you will be leaders, colleagues and parents of tomorrow. You will influence culture in workplaces and homes around the world for decades to come. Therefore, it is critical that as a community we understand and uphold UNSW’s code of conduct, which starts with treating each other respectfully and supporting each other always.

This week, a national report about student safety was published and the results of this are very important for our community of international students, who may be living in Sydney for the first time. The report shared that sexual harassment and assault on Australian campuses and in the broader community are not uncommon, and that a large proportion of university students do not know how to report incidents, or where to go for help and support, in the event that they witness, or are involved in such behaviours. This report is similar to those from around the globe and if you are not currently in Sydney, please know we are here to support both our on-campus and online Global community.

If you ever need support:

We understand that conversations about physical assault, sexual harassment or other forms of abuse can be distressing. UNSW Global and UNSW provide free legal support, confidential counselling support, and a range of emotional and mental health support services which are free for all students. If you ever need to access support, or seek help please refer to this important list of contacts.

We encourage everyone to commit to creating and supporting a safe environment for all, whether you are learning with us on campus, or online.

Best wishes,

Louise Knowles                                                   Kasia Orlando              

Head of Student Experience                             Student Support Manager

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