7 April 2022

From Monday 11 April you will notice that the Daily Check In and Daily Announcements have been removed from Moodle.
What does this mean?
We will no longer be using this method on Moodle to track your attendance. Instead, we have started to use an attendance monitoring system that is controlled by teachers.

  • Academic English programs – teachers register student attendance for all face-to-face and online class attendance.
  • Diploma programs – teachers register student attendance for all face-to-face and online class attendance.
  • Foundation programs – students on campus will use their student card to register at the beginning of every class. Students online will be registered by their teacher.

Is Attendance important?
Yes! Attendance is a student requirement of maintaining your student visa whilst studying in Australia. Students are expected to maintain above 90% attendance for their entire program at UNSW Global. If you miss consecutive classes or consecutive days, we will contact you by email and phone to make sure you are ok. If we cannot reach you, we will immediately contact your nominated emergency person.

What if I miss class?
If you are unwell, please email your teacher as soon as possible.

What if miss my exam or assessment?
If you are unwell and miss an assessment or exam, you may need to apply for special consideration to avoid failure. To apply you must have a medical certificate from a doctor and complete the Special Consideration Form within 3 days.

What if I need to take leave?
Foundation Studies and Academic English Students can apply for extended program leave by completing a Leave of Absence Form. If required, Diploma Students can apply for full program leave through myunsw.

What if I need help?
UNSW Global Student Support team is a phone call – or an email. Our highly trained professional support team is available for all students to access, for free. Communication with you is personal and confidential as required. Call us on +61 2 8936 2222 or email [email protected]

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Need Help?

If you require any assistance please contact us by clicking the link below.