9 June 2022

“The establishment of the Student Representative Council is an important milestone for UNSW Global. The council will strengthen student voice, build community, and create lasting change for future students. Momentum grows when students are at the heart of this change.” – Sarah Lightfoot, CEO.

Head of SRC

Abhiraj Desai

Foundation Studies Commerce Student from India

“I believe the SRC can help Global become a really fun place for students. I enjoy meeting new people – say hi to me anytime on campus! I love track and field, and the beaches, UNSW campus, food and culture in Sydney.”

Student Councillors

Olivia Ketheesan

Diploma Business Student from Singapore

“I joined the SRC because I want to help my peers be seen, heard and feel included. I love reading and audiobooks, and the cool climate and friendly people in Sydney.”

Su Lee

Foundation Studies Commerce Student from Malaysia

“Being in a new environment at UNSW Global has made me eager to get involved in the community and be a voice for students. I love dancing and exploring Sydney.”

Farren Lianto

Foundation Studies Design Student from Indonesia

“I believe my leadership experience and skills can help the SRC reach its full potential. I work well in teams, am creative, and enjoy how friendly Australians are.”

Liam Liu

Foundation Studies Physical Science Student from China

“I want to contribute to the UNSW Global community and help others improve their experience. I enjoy events on campus with food and games, and appreciate the slow and enjoyable pace of life in Sydney.”

Mitta Manivanan

Foundation Studies Life Science Student from Malaysia

“I want to make a difference wherever I am and to be a voice for students. I enjoy talking with people, swimming, chess and organising events. I like how independent I am in Sydney, the food and public transport.”

Humaira Mostafa

Foundation Studies Physical Science Student from Bangladesh

“I want to be a voice of hope and positivity for all students, and help them achieve their potential. I love activism work, creating digital art and poetry. I love the weather in Sydney and plan to visit every beach.”

Temka Munkhjargal

Foundation Studies Physical Science Student from Mongolia

“I’ve been an international student in Sydney for quite some time and have so much to share with my friends and classmates. I am proud of the gold medal I won in Taekwondo and love the different foods in Sydney.”

Roya Rasooli

Foundation Studies Commerce Student from Iran

“I’ve always wanted to be the person encouraging students to speak up. I want students to know the SRC is here to help them and they are our main focus. I like everything about Sydney, it’s diverse and interesting.”

UNSW Global has launched its inaugural Student Representative Council (SRC). The Council is comprised of 8 Student Councillors and 1 Head of SRC, who will work to strengthen student voice, engagement and community at UNSW Global. The SRC have jointly collaborated to create their vision and mission towards an enhanced student experience:

The SRC exists to enable and create connections towards a happy, inclusive community for all students at UNSW Global. The SRC promotes cultural diversity and social responsibility through engaging student activities.

The SRC works to innovate and implement events, on and off campus, in response to feedback from the UNSW Global student body. The SRC acts as a bridge between domestic and international students to promote student engagement and participation.

“Student agency is at the core of an exceptional student experience, and I am thrilled that we have established this peak body of students who each represent the diverse range of needs across our student community. It is a pleasure to support their development and growth towards achieving their goals of a more dynamic and inclusive student experience for all.” – Louise Knowles, Head of Student Experience

Members of the SRC recently attended an official welcome breakfast with UNSW Global’s CEO, Sarah Lightfoot, Chief Academic Officer, David West, and Head of Student Experience, Louise Knowles. Sarah Lightfoot, CEO welcomed all SRC members and acknowledged their leadership skills and aspirations to enhance the student experience, and encouraged the SRC members to reach out to her to discuss their ideas as well as build their own professional development. Head of SRC, Abhiraj Desai was elected by the SRC councillors to join the Global Academic Board where he will advise on student perspectives and student voice.

We look forward to seeing how the SRC innovates and evolves this year. Keep an eye out on the Student Hub for SRC news and events!

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