Very Important: Before You Register for Face to Face Classes

We ask that all students please complete this form included to register your place in our face to face classes.

If you are overseas, you will need to upload your student visa and flight ticket to Sydney – so we know you are coming. We know circumstances can change so do not rush – please plan carefully and only complete this form once you have both your visa and flight.

Once we receive your completed form and confirmation of arrival date, we will email you to confirm your registration for the next F2F entry point in your program. We will then plan your timetable which will be a combination of F2F and online classes.

Note: you will likely be with new teachers and classmates in your new on-campus classes.

Travelling to Sydney / Arriving on Time

If you are planning to travel to Sydney to study on campus at UNSW Global, we strongly recommend that you keep updated with any Australian Government travel, testing or quarantine requirements for international travellers. Please monitor news closely and make sure you can arrive and be settled into your accommodation at least 3 days before your F2F classes start.

For the latest information, please refer to these useful Government resources regarding COVID-19 tests and vaccination requirements.

What happens if you miss the registration deadline?

Students who do not register for face to face classes will not be able to arrive and join F2F classes unplanned. The timetables for every program are carefully organised to ensure we can continue offering both online and F2F classes together.

If you are unable to arrive on time for the first F2F date in your program, you will have to continue learning online until we can timetable you into the next F2F entry date.

F2F Days Per Week

It is important for students to understand that initially not all subjects will be offered F2F in your program, until we have approximately 50% of our student cohorts in Sydney. Therefore, F2F class schedules will commence with targeted subjects only. The other subjects will continue to be offered online, and will be supported by F2F consultations.

Spaces on campus will be available for you to participate in your online classes when you are not in a F2F class, or you can choose to participate in your online classes from home.

Regardless of your location (Sydney or otherwise), lectures and graduations will be offered online.

2022 F2F Class Schedule

UNSW Global Foundation Studies Programs
1st Entry Point for F2F ClassesDeadline to notify UNSW Global to start F2F Classes2nd Entry Point for F2F ClassesDeadline
to notify UNSW Global to start 2nd F2F Classes
2022 A STD Term 225 July 20224 July 202219 September 202229 August 2022
2022 B STD Term 1 (starts in August 2022)22 August 202201 August 20224 October 202213 September 2022
2022 B STD Term 25 December 202214 November 202213 February 202323 January 2023
2022 C STD +
(starts in August
29 August 20228 August 202219 September 202229 August 2022
2022 C STD Term 1
(starts in
November 2022)
14 November 202224 October 202216 January 202319 December 2022
2022 A EXT
(starts in Oct
17 October 202226 September 20227 November 202217 October 2022
2023 A STD +
(starts in January
9 January 202319 December 202230 January 20239 January 2023

Under 18 Students Important Information

If you are under 18 years old, and you are planning to travel to Australia while still under 18, you must obtain written approval from UNSW Global to travel, as a condition of your student visa. If you travel to Australia, without receiving written approval from UNSW Global your CAAW may be cancelled, and this may result in cancellation of your student visa. We don’t want that happening to you, so please follow the advice carefully and ask us for help if you need it.

If you are Under 18 and will continue to be Under 18 on arrival, you have two options:

Option 1

Live in Sydney with your parent or a nominated guardian.
This arrangement must be approved by Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Option 2

Obtain Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter from UNSWGlobal. Access the CAAW Form here.

Before you Travel to Sydney

If you are applying for CAAW now, or if you already have been issued with CAAW, you must follow the steps below before you can travel to Sydney.

Step 1

Confirm your accommodation with one of UNSW Global approved accommodation providers:

Or homestay booked with one of the below providers:

Step 2

Email copy of your accommodation booking to [email protected]
Once UNSW Global approves your accommodation, you will be asked to provide copy of your flight and confirmation of airport transfer.

Step 3

Request your airport transfer from UNSW Global.

Step 4

Final approval from UNSW Global will be sent to you via email after your accommodation, flight details and airport transfer has been confirmed.