Locate your G-ID and Z-ID

Your G-ID is your UNSW Global Student ID. You can find your G-ID in the subject of your email from Admissions, that contains your Confirmation of Enrolment letter (CoE).

Your Z-ID is your UNSW Student ID, you will use this to login to your online learning platform (Moodle) and MyUNSW. You would have received your Z-ID when you accepted your offer online.

Please make sure you have completed ‘Accept Online Part 2’ acceptonline.unsw.edu.au to activate your Z-ID before you try to enrol in MyUNSW.

If you are unsure of your G-ID or Z-ID, contact our Student Services team: [email protected]

Enrol in your courses

The Diploma Enrolment guide lists the courses that you need to enrol in and will take you through the step-by-step process to enrol in your courses. You will need to enrol in each of the individual courses you intend to study using


  • Receive an email from UNSW Global which confirms your enrolment date.
  • Login to MyUNSW using your Z-ID
  • Check your details and update if they are incorrect.
  • Enrol in your courses.
  • Check your emails regularly for updated enrolment information.

Complete your IT Starter

Your IT Starter will be available 2 weeks prior to Orientation Day. The IT Starter will walk you through how to activate your G-ID and Z-ID and access your student email address.

Click here to complete your IT Starter

Check your setup

How to connect from China

If you are living in mainland China, you can access the China Student Access Network (CSAN). This is a virtual highway that offers a more reliable, secure and consistent internet connection. Read the CSAN guide to learn how to access this.