21 April 2022

All Foundation Studies students will experience two Challenge Weeks, as part of their program.

Challenge Weeks occur in Week 7 and Week 20 of every Foundation Studies Program. Challenge Weeks are really quite different to the other study weeks that our students will experience at UNSW Global.

What can Foundation Studies Students expect during Challenge Week?

Both Challenge Weeks 1 and 2 are busy; filled with activities to join. Students are expected to attend and participate in all sessions. Students will experience:

  • Exams, quizzes and assessments
  • Group activities and games
  • Competitions with prizes, including a T-shirt Design competition
  • Self-development workshops, including ‘The Art of Public Speaking’
  • Your Next Steps sessions – students are invited to learn all about their UNSW undergraduate program from the experts, in special sessions arranged just for UNSW Global students.

How can Challenge Week benefit students?

UNSW Global’s Challenge Program is an opportunity to practice using different skills outside of the classroom. Students should view Challenge Weeks to:

  • Test their course knowledge
  • Learn and develop new skills
  • Meet new people and form new friendship
  • Connect with UNSW Faculties and Students
  • On-campus Challenge Weeks in 2022 will include opportunities to join events and activities at UNSW and around Sydney.

Student Voice – How students’ feedback shapes the learning experiences at UNSW Global

At the end of each Challenge Week, students are asked to give their feedback on the events and activities that they experienced throughout their week.

This feedback from students is integral in determining the types of activities offered to students in future Challenge Weeks. Activities including yoga, public speaking workshops, and support study sessions are regularly featured by popular demand, as a result of student feedback.

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